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The Last Supper

Exhibition Theatre
  • The Main Abbey
  • Suitable for ages from 15 years old

***Although The Last Supper is included in our usually entry fee, we do recommend booking your tickets in advance***

Torre Abbey Museum continues its hugely successful transformation into an exciting, credible and multi-award winning arts centre, by welcoming a cutting-edge piece of theatre performed by robots. ‘The Last Supper’ by kinetic artist and scrap sculptor Giles Walker is an ingenious piece of sculptural performance art that explores man’s dark desires to re-create himself as an automaton. It has only ever been seen in California and the Science Museum in London before.

This 13-minute robotic performance explores themes of mortality, identity and morality, as well as religious belief and indeed disbelief. 12 figures sit around a large candle-lit table, mirroring Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic painting ‘The Last Supper.’ However, these less-than-saintly characters are drinking and smoking, while bird-headed creatures scuttle about and at the centre, a child stands in front of a cross.

The cyber punk characters discuss their views on sin, forgiveness, guilt and judgement, while music plays and ‘the last supper’ requests of death-row inmates are read. It’s a thought-provoking, controversial and mesmerising creation, which just 25 audience members at a time will be able to walk around, observe and absorb.

Taking over a year to create and built from an old CPR dummy, mannequins, bird skulls and electric motors, this atmospheric installation follows a long tradition of artworks that use lifelike machines to explore human identity and morality.

There are just two performance a day during the week (11am and 2pm) and three each Saturday and Sunday (11am, 2pm, 4pm). Each session is limited to 20 members of the public and five Torre Abbey Museum 1196 Club members. The performances are free with your museum entry, but we highly advice you book in advance.

Warning: contains very strong language and adult themes unsuitable for children under 15.

*Please note, if you are a wheelchair user, the exhibition area is only accessible by a step lift. This lift can only accommodate the weight of a manual wheelchair and not an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. We have a free push wheelchair available and staff will be delighted to assist.   

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