“Chelston in Lockdown" Exhibition

Art Exhibition
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  • The Main Abbey
  • Suitable for all ages

Chelston in Lockdown - A Sleeping Beauty

During the first lockdown, local artist Fred Gray was awarded a "Create to Recover" grant by the TDA to paint a series of studies of the buildings of Chelston - from the Belle Époque to terraced housing. All were inspired by the artist’s enforced walks during the first lockdown.

Prints showing the various stages of the work were initially displayed in local shop windows, with the final exhibition first held at Artizan Gallery.

Alongside the Chelston pictures, we will also be displaying several of Fred's large paintings of scenes from around Torbay in general, some preceding the pandemic, and others completed after the first lockdown. All celebrate the many glories of the local area, albeit interpreted by the artist in his particular way.

Entrance to the exhibition is included in your Torre Abbey entry.

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