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Exhibition by Sarah Strachan

Art Exhibition


Ghost is made up of 100s of second-hand plastic animals painted a chalky white, arranged as a herd. They stand facing us, not only as a visual representation of very possible mass extinction, but also as an unflinching body of judgement. We, as humans have all done this and now the animals are demanding reflection and action. 

How have we let this happen? How can we change the way we live in order to prevent mass extinction? It occurred to me that these solid plastic animals will last for 100s and 100s of years, and will almost certainly outlive many (if not all) of the animals that they are modelled on, many of which are already on the endangered list.....rhinos, giraffes, orangutans, gorillas, turtles, elephants, tigers, the blue whale, dolphins and many more.
Sarah Strachan - Artist

T H E  T H E A T R E  O F  T H E  E X T I N C T

The Theatre of the Extinct is a cornucopia of illustrations cut from vintage nature books and arranged directly onto the wall. It's overlooked by three skeletons and is a representation of the bounty of nature that we could lose if the Climate Crisis is ignored. It imagines a future where nature can only be viewed as a form of entertainment, as theatre or virtual reality. 

About the artist

Sarah Strachan is an artist based in Totnes, Devon. She studied Fine Art Sculpture at Central Martins, Exeter College and Dublin's National College of Art and Design. Sarah worked for the Jim Henson Creature Shop and The Science Museum before moving to Devon where she takes commissions for professional puppets and runs a craft business. Her latest art work focuses on the Climate Crisis. 

Get involved

Sarah is looking for 100s more plastic creatures, if you can help please drop them into the Abbey during opening hours. The animals need to be naturalistic not cartoony, wild not domesticated or farmed and alive, not extinct. 

Please note: Ghost will be displayed in our Gatehouse which does require access by several steep steps.

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