Valen-Tiles Day Special

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  • Suitable for all ages
  • Free entry with a roof tile sponsorship - £15.00

Celebrate Valentine's Day in a truly unique way at Torre Abbey! From February 10th to the 18th, couples can enjoy free entry to the Abbey by purchasing one of our exquisite Torre Abbey roof tiles.

For only £15, our roof tiles not only grant you free access to the Abbey during February 10th to 19th, but also provide an incredible opportunity to contribute to our vital restoration project. By sponsoring a slate or roof tile, you will leave a lasting mark on Torre Abbey.

Take part in our exclusive initiative and sponsor a message on a tile that will adorn either our remarkable medieval gatehouse roof or our stunning chapel's Victorian Vestry roof. In return, you will receive a personalised certificate, recognition on a dedicated panel inside Torre Abbey, and be acknowledged as a proud supporter on our website.

This experience offers couples the perfect chance to become a part of Torre Abbey's rich history while also enjoying a romantic day out. Please bear in mind that once the slate tiles are in place, the messages will not be visible from below. However, they will serve as a captivating time capsule for future generations to discover.

Join us at Torre Abbey this Valentine's Day and make lasting memories while supporting our important restoration efforts.

Please keep your tile text short and sweet, otherwise it will not be seen once in place.

Examples of the types of messages that should fit:

‘In loving memory of _______ _______’ with dates

‘The ___________ Family’ 2023


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