Spirit of place

Torre Abbey

Spirit of Place

The whole team at Torre Abbey has created a Spirit of Place, which will be the guiding principle for all our work and activities. The term ‘Spirit of Place’ refers to how people feel about and experience a place and why it is relevant. It encompasses what makes the place special and why people feel an attachment and connection.

Spirit of Place Statement

Torre Abbey is a place that makes you feel you belong. Set in the heart of Torquay overlooking meadows and sandy beaches it is physically and emotionally part of the landscape.

It is a haven away from the busy town that surrounds it, a place where over many centuries’ generations of previous owners and residents have created a richly layered history with a beauty which is visible at every turn, as if the walls are telling stories. The unusual and eclectic architecture, vibrant gardens, fascinating artefacts and innovative exhibitions are some of the features that make it both captivating and unconventional.

Torre Abbey retains the feeling of being a secret place closed off from the outside world which evokes a sense of peace and calm, there is space for sanctuary and contemplation for those who seek it. Natural moments of spiritualty can be felt in the shade of the monastic ruins. It is a place full of stories both told and as yet untold, it is an exciting fusion of ancient and modern.

The sense of time having passed is central to Torre Abbey’s spirit. It is place which is compelling on many levels. For some it is simply a nice place to be, for others as if stepping into another time or world- a moment in history, a scene conjured from a piece of art.

Torre Abbey is not frozen in time the changing sights and sounds make it feel vibrant and alive as it continues to make memories for the future.