Here at Torre Abbey we have many galleries and spaces within the house that are filled with incredible works of art.

The 800 Years Gallery

On the top floor of the main house, originally servants’ bedrooms, you will find our 800 Years Gallery.  This large room is a lively mix of interactive displays, historic objects, portraits, and art work and information panels all chosen to tell the history of the Abbey since 1196.

The Gallery is divided into four colour coded sections each focusing on a part of the story with some surprises such as a hologram talking knight!

Art Galleries

Tor Bay & The Sea

A new exhibition centred around the relationship Torbay has with the sea; from its military and naval heritage, to the lure it has had for residents and visitors down through the decades.

The Call of the Sea Gallery

Whether for work or pleasure, our relationship with the sea has been captured by many artists over the centuries. Torre Abbey has a large collection of British maritime art which include some scenes local to Torbay.

Dartmoor Gallery

From beautiful and dramatic to moody and mysterious! This gallery is home to a selection of landscape paintings of Dartmoor, a place that has captured people’s imaginations and helped turn the wild and lonely moor into a tourist destination.

The Burne-Jones Gallery

Burne-Jones was one of the most influential and successful artists of his time and supported the ideals of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. He is credited with single-handedly reviving the medieval tradition of stained glass in the United Kingdom.

The set of seven pencil sketches (cartoons) known as 'The Planets' are preparatory designs for a stained glass window commissioned by Angus Holden. Torre Abbey possesses seven of the nine studies for the window, Birmingham City Art Gallery has the study for 'Mars' and 'Morning Star' is at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

Green and Pleasant Land Gallery

This gallery showcases paintings which give a last glimpse of the ‘green and pleasant land’ of William Blake’s poem. See rural Britain pre-industralisation as a land of picturesque cottages, sunlit fields, handtied haystacks and horse-drawn ploughs.

Behind the Scenes Gallery

Not all Torre Abbey’s collections can be displayed in its galleries. The Behind the Scenes Gallery on the first floor houses a number of paintings on a racking system. This allows visitors access to some great paintings which cannot be accommodated in the main galleries.

Access to stored items is available. Please allow one month’s notice.

Frederick Thrupp Gallery

Frederick Thrupp had a successful career as a sculptor creating portrait busts for members of wealthy families, marble and bronze reliefs (raised pictures) of religious and high profile people such as William Wordsworth in Westminster Abbey.

The Abbey’s Thrupp gallery has a large collection of Thrupp’s work, donated by his wife after his death, including 'The Road to Zion' and 'The Good Shepherd'.

Galleries are subject to change to accommodate temporary exhibitions.