Filming at Torre Abbey

If you are looking for stunning seafront parkland locations, beautiful architecture, a historic ancient scheduled monument, period features and award winning gardens, Torre Abbey can offer this and more. The Abbey and its listed Spanish Barn can be hired for filming. We offer a film friendly approach, working with Creative England to deliver a warm welcome to productions. 

For further information or to arrange a visit to the Abbey, please get in touch:


Aerial Video of Torre Abbey and surrounding area.

Key reasons to film at Torre Abbey


Stunning Seafront Parkland: Torre Abbey boasts breath-taking seafront parkland locations, providing a picturesque backdrop for filming.


Beautiful Architecture: The Abbey features beautiful architecture that adds character and charm to any production. Its historic design lends a unique aesthetic appeal.


Historic Ancient Monument: As a scheduled ancient monument, Torre Abbey offers a rich historical ambiance that can enhance the storytelling of any film project.


Period Features: The Abbey is adorned with period features that can bring an authentic touch to period dramas or films set in specific eras. These features add depth and intricacy to the visual storytelling.


Award-Winning Gardens: Filming at Torre Abbey allows access to its award-winning gardens, which offer an array of striking, well-maintained landscapes perfect for capturing stunning outdoor scenes.


Film-Friendly Approach: Torre Abbey welcomes filmmakers with a film-friendly approach. By working with Creative England, they ensure a smooth and accommodating experience for production teams.


Location Variety: Torre Abbey's grounds provide a diverse range of filming locations, from expansive outdoor areas to more intimate indoor spaces. This versatility allows filmmakers to explore different settings within one convenient location.


Scenic and Conveniently Located: Situated in the coastal town of Torquay, Torre Abbey is surrounded by picturesque scenery, and its accessibility makes it a convenient choice for filmmakers.


On-Site Support: The Torre Abbey team is available to offer assistance and support during the filming process. With their expertise and knowledge of the location, they can help ensure a successful shoot.


Overall, filming at Torre Abbey in Torquay provides filmmakers with a unique and visually striking location, rich in history and natural beauty, while also offering a supportive and accommodating environment for their projects.