Access Statement


Come and enjoy your visit exploring our stunning buildings and impressive displays, world-class collections and exhibitions complemented by modern amenities and special accessibility features.

Should you have any other requests, requirements, or suggestions for how we can make Torre Abbey Museum even more accessible, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email on phone 01803 293593.

Visual Guide

A Visual Guide to Torre Abbey is now available to help you plan your visit before you travel to Torre Abbey. It is part of a suite of guides prepared for the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark and funded by Torbay Council’s Voluntary and Community Sector Covid 19 Grants Scheme, as part of the Geopark Covid Transformation Project 2020. This can be viewed here

Venue Accessibility

Arrival and Parking Facilities

Cars can drop off passengers and blue badge-holders, during opening hours, close to the house main entrance via the Swan Gates entrance.  We have four blue badge parking spaces close to the entrance outside the Spanish Barn. Wheelchair users and people with mobility scooters, pushchairs and buggies can access the house via the main entrance.

Visitor Reception and Retail

The visitor reception and shop are located by the gravel driveway on the left-hand side of the building (when viewed from the seafront). The access into these areas is via level ground or gentle slopes and can be accessed by Wheelchair users, people with mobility scooters, pushchairs and buggies through the main entrance.

The main entrance has one glass door which requires manual opening.

There are two wheelchairs available for loan free of charge within the reception area. There is space to park up to two buggies should you not wish to take this around with you.

There is a circulation space of one metre between display stands in the shop.

The price list for entrance is printed in large print and staff are happy to assist with telling visitors prices for shop items.

Main house

70% of the main building is accessible via wheelchair, mobility scooters and buggies. Lifts operate to all floors and stairlifts are in place in areas of the building where short flights of stairs exist. These can be operated by trained staff on request. All doors in wheelchair accessible areas are of an appropriate width, all doors are either power assisted or kept open (except in the case of fire).

Because the main building has been built on, extended and changed many times during its 800-year history it can be confusing to navigate, however signage helps you find your way around.

There are a lot of chairs and benches throughout the main build and garden to allow visitors to rest should they wish.

The Undercroft rooms have some paths mixed with gravel areas, all other floor is wood, metal or concrete.

There are no restrictions for powered wheelchairs or powered mobility vehicles inside the Museum or Shop.

Many of the displays within Torre Abbey are interactive and offer a mix of visual, written and audio interpretation. All videos are subtitled in English.

Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas and water for them can be provided on request.


Accessible toilets are available in the Main House.


The garden is largely accessible via wheelchair, mobility scooters and buggies. Where wheelchair access is required, visitors will need to use a separate entrance to visit various areas within the garden.

Although the main garden route is accessible, some of the areas, particularly around the ruins are not level, have grass paths and occasional small obstructions.

Paths within the garden are made of concrete or gravel. Some areas are grass. The community garden has a bark mulch surface.

There are numerous seats within the garden, many of which have arm rests. There are no toilets within the garden.

Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas and water for them can be provided on request.


Torre Abbey offers free entry for visitor’s personal assistant. Carer’s card maybe required as proof for the personal assistant.

Environmental conditions

Torre Abbey is normally a fairly quiet environment however noise levels from visitors are not restricted.

The main building is maintained at a temperature of between 19 and 21⁰C.

Torre Abbey is lit with electric light, but with no fluorescent bulbs. There is space to turn a wheelchair easily in all rooms.

Staff Training

Torre Abbey is part of Torbay Council. Torbay Council is an equal opportunities employer and seeks to encourage and support staff to achieve equality of opportunity in recruitment, employment, training and promotion. Torbay Council is part of the Two Ticks Disability scheme, and aims to meet their commitments regarding the employment, retention, training and career development of disabled employees. Torbay Council is committed to the Mindful Employer Charter for Employers who are positive about Mental Health.

Torre Abbey is committed to ensuring that all its staff are trained in disability awareness and that key members of staff also have various specific training such as British Sign Language, autism awareness, deaf awareness etc.