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  • Suitable for all ages
  • Sponsor a Slate - £15.00

This is a unique opportunity to leave your mark on a piece of Torre Abbey whilst supporting our vital restoration project.

You will be able to sponsor a message on a tile destined for either our incredible medieval gatehouse roof or our chapel’s Victorian Vestry roof.

You will receive a certificate, have your name listed on a panel inside Torre Abbey to thank you for your support, and be mentioned on our website as a supporter of Torre Abbey.

Please note that once the slate tiles are in place, the messages will not be able to be seen from below. However, they will act as a time capsule to be found by future generations.

Please keep your tile text short and sweet, otherwise it will not be seen once in place.

Examples of the types of messages that should fit:

‘In loving memory of _______ _______’ with dates

‘The ___________ Family’ 2023

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